Is Your Picket Fence in Need of Some TLC?

Tips on Picket Fence Repair

Over time, every wooden picket fence will need the services of a professional fence repair service. However, with a few tips and some patience, you can do the repairs yourself so that your picket fence will continue to look attractive for many years to come.

Painting your picket fence

At the start of every spring, you should paint your picket fence to protect it against weathering and damage. Remove any peeling paint with a wire brush, and then sand it down. Once you have prepared your fence for painting, you need to use a latex primer and paint. Latex paint will allow moisture to pass right through and help the wood retain its look.

Replacing rotted pickets

Take off any loose pickets if your picket fence is built with pre-manufactured pickets, pay a visit to your local home improvement store where the pickets are available to buy. However, if your picket fence is hand-built, remove one good picket and use it as a template on a piece of ½-inch plywood. Reattach it and paint the replacement; once the paint has dried, attach it to the place you took the damaged one out of.

If you need to paint or freshen up your picket fence, then buy the paint that it was originally painted with. Brush thinly or just retouch some areas when needed. It is best to keep an extra can of the paint, to spare paint brushes so these are readily available once you are ready to repaint your picket fence.

During your regular maintenance check on your picket fence, you need to inspect it thoroughly, especially in the bottom areas. These are the places that are prone to damage and decay because they are in constant contact with the floor. If you see any signs of decay or damage, these must be cleaned and repaired immediately; if the damage is too severe, then call an affordable fence repair contractor.

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